Smoking Monkeys Inc employs the world’s best technology experts and marketers to elevate your marketing to the next level.


From Australia to Taipei, we've designed effective and proven marketing solutions for brands big and small. The most important thing to do first is identify problems that are impeding the business goals.


We have extensive experience designing solutions from operations to strategy for the B2B markets. With over 15 years experience, there are no problems we have not already solved for our past clients.



A strong focus on ROI gives us a sharp edge and enables us to quantify our success to our clients. Having clear defined goals and a solution built to track core KPI's are essential. But having an eye on the future and how to promote our clients business daily helps us stand out.

A longer sales cycle creates a need for deeper marketing.


With over 60 locations across 4 countries, the Hearing Solution Group invests heavily in its marketing online as well as offline. From campaign planning to building and designing their new website, we work very closely with the management team to drive a quantifiable result. With a track record of success for the past 2 years, we have developed a new platform for the brand to build and consolidate their position as market leaders in the region.



A favourite local attracttion speaking to their audience.


We have been with Jumpstreet from the beginning. With a diverse range of clientele, the marketing for Jumpstreet is all about understanding market segments and growing a customer base. We help this brand from all areas of marketing not only digital and provide full service from web and technology development to video to SEO. Our role is to be flexible and to provide the specialty knowledge required to enliven their marketing and propel revenue.



High-end accommodation in the KL fringe


Wedgewood Residences is one of the first partnership deals we have completed with our Partner agency in France, WIHP. Because the client in is a hotel in a busy area of KL, they are a terrific example of how we combine industry specific solutions for our clients. For Wedgewood we are building them a new website, integrating a Sabre booking engine as well as conducting all their online marketing. We have introduced their channel manager solution to them and we have also conducted a full review of their rate strategy across all platforms including Online Travel Agents (OTA's). Using bespoke technology, we are leveraging their brand across all major travel portals as well as helping define their product for online consumption.



The Worlds Largest Ride Share Service Needs a Boost


A great example of a short run project... Uber Malaysia came to us with a challenge. "Help us better understand our data so we can sharpen what we are doing with our email marketing". Challenge accepted. Prior to our involvement Uber was sending emails to an unsegmented list and they were struggling to really speak to their audience. Through campaign planning and data acquisition, we were able to help their marketing team speak more clearly to their core audience whilst engaging them at the same time. By utilizing this approach, Uber was able to grow not only its rider base, but also its driver base thus fully fueling both supply and demand.